Thursday, May 18, 2017

4 Great Movie Making Applications for Your Phone

It’s truly amazing how far technology has come over the past 20 years. We were lugging around large camcorders to make home movies back in the 90’s; today, most of us carry a high quality video recorder wherever we go without even thinking about it. People that have a lot of footage from those day are likely looking at film to digital services and options to conserve those home movies and keep them for good on a modern format. Luckily, today you can record, edit and store videos on your smartphone. 

If you’re looking at editing home movies, including adding effects, music or even GIF files, you might consider some of the following apps. There are a great many apps out there that are suitable for different kinds of videos.



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If you have an iPhone or iPad, iMovie is probably your best option if you want to edit your clips together and put together a home movie in a reasonably professional manner. There are a range of helpful, non-gimmicky features and the app is super accessible and user-friendly. Definitely worth checking out.

Action Movie FX


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This one is a lot of fun. As the name suggests, the app offers a number of hilarious and somewhat realistic action effects that you can superimpose over your footage to create very interesting videos. Some of the effects include missiles, explosions, helicopters with machine guns, car crashes, alien effects and UFOS, warp effects and much more.

While they might not be ideal if you’re wanting to put together an amateur film, you can get pretty creative with these and have a lot of fun doing so!



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[Although it's off the line now but this app was really a good one. ]
If you frequent social media sites, you’ve probably seen your share of Vine videos. This app helped to create these 6-second short videos and then go onto share them with your friends in a variety of different ways. The app allowed to cut out a portion of your video and create a looping Vine that could eventually go viral. It was quick, easy and straightforward.

Stop motion Studio


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Stop motion movie making has been something quite inaccessible to the general public, but with this app you can try out your hand at it. You can string together a number of still images, add music and create a movie out of it; keep in mind that it takes a lot of patience and isn’t for everyone. But the potential for creativity here is not to be understated

Happy video-making! Remember that if you have old footage on an inconvenient format you can always a speak to a professional and have it transferred to either DVD, Blu-Ray or even a USB stick. Contact Cineclair Productions for more information.